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Welder- STP Weekend Shift

Sioux City, IA
Sabre Industries

Job Description


  • Manually positions pole assembly in pole rollers into proper position for welding.
  • Reads and interprets drawings (including weld symbols) and specifications to determine proper location of attachments, as well as weld size and configuration.
  • Adds, subtracts, multiplies, and divides feet, inches, fractions, and decimals. Uses tables to convert fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions
  • Adjusts welding machines to achieve desired results within parameters of established welding procedures. Frequently pushes pulls and lifts up to 50 pounds.
  • Uses oxy-fuel torch to pre-heat parts to be welded in accordance with published welding codes and specifications
  • Uses GMAC or FCAW welding process to weld small components or assemblies in 1G and 2F positions
  • Wears protective equipment, including safety glasses, insulated welding gloves, leather sleeves and/or cape and welding hood
  • Works in confined areas at various locations on the small pole assembly line as necessary to weld components described above
  • Uses chipping hammer, wire brush, motorized grinders, and motorized wire brush at various times to clean welded areas.
  • Uses pneumatic drills and magnetic drills to drill carious size holes on pole assembly as required by drawings and specifications
  • Visually inspects his/her work to identify material discrepancies and to ensure that welds have been completed satisfactorily in compliance with applicable drawings and specifications.
  • Uses overhead cranes to transport and move material. Overhead crane training will be required.
  • Uses a weld gauge to measure weld size, standard and metric
  • Reads and interprets work orders and daily production schedules.
  • Corrects labor reporting in MES system to ensure operations are complete.
  • Assists fitter in assembling pole assembly when needed. Uses measuring tape, level, square and angle finder to measure distances and angles
  • Uses oxy-fuel cutting torch and plasma-arc torch for cutting steel.
  • Operates assembly line cart system to move tubular shafts into position for cutting on band saw and for fitting. Operates band saw for cutting tubular shafts according to specifications.
  • Maintains a clean work area.

  • Mig welding experience preferred
  • Must have a basic math aptitude.
  • Must be able to determine amperage and voltage settings.
  • Must be able to determine weld size and amount of penetration.
  • Must be able to determine bend radius on arms.
  • Able to accurately use measuring instruments such as tape measure, heat stick-method (material temp.), weld bead gauge and metric gauge
  • Must be able to understand and communicate verbally in English language.
  • Must possess adequate dexterity and stamina to sustain expected production effectively.
  • Knowledge and awareness of the safety issues related to each operation performed within the department.
  • Must be able to stand 100% of scheduled shift. Must be able to use foot pedal to operate equipment.
  • Lifting, pushing, prying, and dragging heavy materials up to 50 pounds.
  • Must be capable of reaching, grasping, bending, stooping, crawling under or over and occasional climbing.
  • Distant Vision: must be 20/40 or greater corrected or uncorrected in each eye; Near Vision: must be J2 or better corrected or uncorrected, 12 inches from face in each eye; Depth Perception: must be at less than 50 seconds of arc or greater than 60% Shepard Fry in each eye

Educational Requirements:
  • High school diploma or GED equivalent preferred

  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12 hour shifts

Other Information

Construction, Manufacturing, Skilled Labor